Registered Unclaimed Money Recovery Agents (UMRA)

are focusing, targeting and recovering most unclaimed monies that becomes abandoned as a result of an owner’s change of address (the owner relocate) , an owner’s name change (the owner got married or had been separated), or sometimes a death of the owner (the estate was unaware of the money or the grantee could not be located).

Also, At times the owner knows about these lost assets, but does not know the system or process how to find or regain it.

So, what are the common scenarios that our money has remained UNCLAIMED and needs “unclaimed money recovery service”?!

Below are the list of few most common scenarios that Unclaimed Money Recovery Agents (UMRA) are focusing;

1. You owned the money, property and revenue from a foreclosure surplus or government confiscation of the property is due to you.

2. You just moved and you did not receive any notices of money owed to you. Or simply the check did not reach its intended destination.

3. You are the heir or grantee of a family/relatives of yours who died and there is money left from their estate that belongs to you.

4. A court order or judgment was rendered in your favor that you were uninformed of.

5. There were certain deposits made into the court that you are entitled to.

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